Four Tax Mistakes Your CPA Can Help You Avoid

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Common Tax Mistakes

Tax season is upon us, and whether you know it or not, you could be causing yourself unnecessary harm by making mistakes on your tax forms. No matter how diligent you may be, there is a good chance that, if you go solo, you will make at least one or two common mistakes. Below are just a few tax miscalculations your CPA can help you avoid on your tax form:

Direct Deposit Dangers

Direct deposits are a great way for those who are expecting a refund to get their refunds much quicker and easier. While direct deposit may allow you to receive your refund faster, it also increases the odds of making mistakes when you input your account number. One wrong number could cause your refund that you worked so hard for to suddenly go to someone else.

Filing Additional Income

Have a side job? Don’t forget to file that additional income even if you’re a contractor or freelancer. Refusing to file additional income could cause you to receive tax penalties.

Missing Signature

Believe it or not, something as simple as a signature could keep you from filing your taxes in a hassle free fashion. Make sure that the moment you file your taxes, you include your signature to ensure your taxes are properly processed.

Incomplete Charitable Deductions

Have you been making charitable deductions? Have you also been keeping records of those deductions? Incomplete charitable deductions could cause you a nightmare during tax season.

In addition to the above tax mistakes, there are still several ways your accountant can help you file your return more smoothly. Though mistakes are common, you don’t want to be one of those people who loses thousands of dollars because of several mistakes that could have easily been avoided.

What other ways has your accountant helped your company avoid tax mistakes? Leave your comments below.

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